Take Allergens Seriously...

Food Intolerance & Allergy

The UK has some of the highest prevalence rates of allergic conditions in the world,
with over 20% of the population affected by one or more allergic disorder.

Food Intolerance

Food intolerances are more common than food allergies. The symptoms appear more slowly, often many hours after eating. Typical symptoms include bloating, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Coeliac Disease

An estimated 1 in 100 people have coeliac disease (an auto-immune response to gluten proteins found in various food such as nuts, cereals and milks).

Food Allergy

A food allergy is a rapid and potentially serious response to a food by your immune system. An estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy and the number of sufferers is on the rise.

Anaphylactic Shock

Food allergies can be fatal!
People with allergies can have different response and serious reactions such as anaphylaxis, which can be lethal. 

The Challenge

Accommodating customers who suffer food allergies has become a challenge for the restaurant industry as the number of individuals with food allergies is increasing.

The restaurant MUST provide accurate information about allergens for all the dishes served, so that the customers with food allergies or intolerance are able to make informed choices.

The menu changes on a daily basis and there is an extensive variety of products containing allergens which customers may not be aware of; this can cause serious problems which could potentially be fatal.

The current paper-based system has a huge environmental impact and provides no analytical statistics. Customers are unable to give any feedback, as there is no engagement with them.

The Apps

We've created two 'easy to use' applications TASnowLite and TASnowPro to display in the restaurant or on your customer's mobile devices. They are quick, simple and helpful for both staff and customers.

TASnow (Take Allergens Seriously) gives caterers the ability to manage their allergen information online.

The application can be accessed via the Internet on any device and provides details of daily menus, allergens, nutrition and reviews.

The current paper-based process is time consuming and inconvenient for the business and customers.  TASnow improves productivity, reduces waste and environmental impact, is more convenient for restaurant staff and engages the customers.

Try the demo's for yourself. Scan these QR codes on your mobile device.

TASnowLite TASnowPro


Customers set their allergens and diet preferences within the app and dishes that match those are highlighted.

The App currently supports five commonly spoken languages - English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Only dishes matching selected diets are displayed.

Trend analysis is provided by Analytics.

Customers can review and rate dishes (price, quality and service).

TASnow  is fully compliant with the GDPR regulations.

Allergens & Diet information are held within the device.

No personal or identification data is collected.

What are the Benefits?

TASnow adds value and efficiency to the business, as well as benefits to its customers.

  Allergen, diet and recipe ingredients are available anywhere, anytime.

  Easily view the daily menu and plan ahead.

  Provides nutritional and calorific values, tailored to dietary preferences.

  Dishes reviewed and rated by customers.

  Simple, user-friendly, accessible and convenient.

  Quick and easy to deploy allergens and diet information.

  Better customer engagement and communication.

  Better productivity and reduced environmental impact.

  Improved record keeping and compliance, reducing overhead costs.

  Future integration with existing applications.

  Instant and meaningful customer feedback and analytics.

Simple and Easy to Use

Mobile Friendly

Compare Versions of TASnow

This table of features allows you to decide which version of TASnow is right for you.

Feature Lite Pro
Number of Menu Sections 150 1500
Number of Dishes Unlimited Unlimited
Number of customers accessing the app Unlimited Unlimited
Integration with existing applications
Maximum number of days dishes remain on the menu 7 365
Library of dishes to choose from
Create repeatable menu sections
Nutritional data displayed for each dish
Ingredients with highlighted allergens
Label printing (inc ingredients & allergens)
Photo of the dish
Dish free text descriptions
Multi-language support
Lifestyle filters
Customers can personalise the app (allergens & lifestyle)
Customers can leave reviews
Timed collection & delivery service option
Push Notifications
Deep Linking to Menu's & Dishes
Restaurant details (description, opening times etc)

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